About Me

Hi I'm Sean Poole a bodybuilder  with 3 shows under my belt who loves to keep fit and healthy as well as helping people like you to keep fit and healthy as well / and I do explosive Mind power fitness programs. That are explosive and challenging, I've had a love for the sport of bodybuilding since I was 7 years old, and what inspired me was the super hero the incredible hulk which is who I use to imitate.  Flexing and making that grrrrrrrr sound like he does. Watching  the first bodybuilding show on TV as well inspired me because It had caught my eye and I said I want to be like that one day. However I didn't compete in my first show until 2004 and I was at Bowie State University and my competition weight was 138 lbs. It was my very first show and I was learning, posing, tanning and everything else about bodybuilding. When I was eight my dad bought me my first fitness magazine and I was so happy like I had just won the lotto, because it was something I just had a passion for and still do and always will.One day i had I will never forget is when I saw how much my collection of musclemags accumilated. My mom finally asked me what was i going to do with them and  asking did i want to donate them and I did. Well if itsi anybody I should be mad a...t is me. I always had a love for fruits and veggies that was my thing, I was never a finecky kid and loved to eat and watched what I ate but I was not a pig. Art was my first love before bodybuilding and it still is my love, as I would love drawing musclemen and wrestlers when I was a kid and I still do draw them right Wrestling  isi one of my favotite tv shows and has been since i was 8   I have my own logo I sketched for my clothing line and I have it trademarked, I'm not finished with the stage scene I will be back.